Celebrating Preschool Graduation with Gifts Big or Small

Choosing the best toys for Pre-K (Preschool) graduation involves finding options that are educational, engaging, and suitable for children around 4-5 years old. Here are some of our top ideas for Preschool graduation gifts:

  1. Interactive Learning Toys:
    • TonieBox: This toy allows kids to listen to their favorite books and songs lead by classic characters.  Kids can manage this by themselves and continue to collect characters. (Tonies Starter Set)​.
    • Air Toobz: Combining building and physical play, this allows little ones to create unique ball runs tracking cause and effect. (Air Toobz by Fat Brain)​.
  2. Building and Creative Toys:
  3. STEM Toys:
    • Clixo 3D Building: Introduces preschoolers to unique building using the flexible, 2D shapes that turn into an endless variety of 3D creations for fun, free-form exploration and STEAM building skills! (Clixo Itsy Pack)​.
    • Stem Explorers™ Magnet Movers:  Kids experiment with the motion of magnetic attraction during STEM-filled play sessions with Magnet Movers, one of the hands-on STEM Explorers activity sets. (Stem Explorers Magnet Movers by Learning Resources)
  4. Arts and Crafts:
    • Chalkboard & Whiteboard Briefcase: A portable art set that includes two sides of fun! Draw with chalk on the chalkboard or take notes on the dry erase board with this amazing case.​ (Travel Whiteboard & Chalkboard Briefcase by Schylling)​.
    • 6 Doughs + Wooden Roller: Encourages creativity and fine motor skills through sculpting and modeling. Set is complete with 6 brightly colored soft salt doughs in resealable tubs, a wooden rolling pin and 10 wooden animal shapes.​ (iHeartArt Jr 6 Doughs + Wooden Roller)​.
  5. Outdoor Toys:
    • Sand Bucket and Shovel Set: 3-Piece Blue Sand Bucket Set has all of your beach day essentials: a dark blue bucket, light blue shovel, and teal sea turtl.  This can also easily be personalized with a Cricket for the crafty moms and dads. (3 Piece Sand Bucket Set by Toysmith)​.
    • Block Sidewalk Chalk: This unique chalk is a great way to let you child’s imagination flow. Each piece is non-toxic and intelligently designed in the shape of a block, which means they’re stackable!(Chalk-O-Rama 12 Piece Sidewalk Chalk Set by Ooly)​.
  6. Pretend Play:
    • Wooden Pizza Oven Set: Encourages imaginative play and helps with counting and sorting skills​ (Wooden Pizza Oven Set by Tenderleaf)​.
    • Pretend Play Wooden Barnyard Portal Play House: Each suitcase opens up to a world of fun that lets imagination wander.  Including all of the pieces you need to create a fun Barnyard that can all be packed away to travel with you. (Portable Suitcase Series by Jack Rabbit)​.
  7. Books:
    • "Mix it Up Interactive Book" by Hervé Tullet: Follow the artist's simple instructions, and suddenly colors appear, mix, splatter, and vanish in a world powered only by the reader's imagination. (Mix It Up - a New York Times Best Seller)​.
    • "ABC and 123 Learning Songs" by Eric Litwin: Preschoolers can sing along with these popular learning songs in this fun songbook. Featuring a wooden inlay and sturdy construction, this book is sure to delight while teaching an appreciation for both music and together time.​ (An Early Bird Song Book)​.

These toys are not only fun but also educational, promoting various skills essential for young children as they transition to kindergarten.

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