LED Light-Up Hula Hoop

LED Light-Up Hula Hoop

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  • Classic indoor stacking play in fun monster shapes and details!
  • Includes 18 colorful, unique stacking wooden monster blocks (approx. 3"L x 3½"W x ½" thick)
  • Chunky size is perfect for little hands to hold and stack
  • Each monster has unique details—from its body shape and bright colors, to googly eyes and toothy grins
  • Monsters' arms stretch out to allow multiple configurations of stacking, from simple coordination to complex creativity (suggested building patterns are included)
  • Skill-building play: open-ended toy helps kids develop cognitive and fine motor skills, explore problem-solving, and express creativity
  • Makes a great birthday gift, or educational toy in a classroom or homeschool program
  • Ages 3 and up.

A bright and fun way to encourage kids to think and stack outside the "blocks", our set of 18 unique wooden Stacking Monsters Blocks takes creative and constructive play to a new monstrous level! These chunky colorful kookie creatures, each about 3"L x 3½"W x ½" thick, are just the right size for little hands to grab and stack. Each of the 18 monster blocks has unique details such as blobby or fluffy bodies, giant endearing and toothy grins, google stem-eyes, and bright colors that kids love! Their arms (or tentacles, your pick) stretch wide so that they can bear the weight of their monster friends as kids stack them in endless designs.

Stacking blocks is a great way for children to develop fine motor skills and explore problem-solving. Kids will love exploring all the ways these little monsters can stack, hold hands, and hang from each other! This open-ended stacking set provides varying levels of stacking and building fun: start with learning simple coordination by stacking just a few monsters together, or creating a simple pyramid. Once those basic building skills are mastered, it's time to shake it up a notch and build higher and wider (watching the monsters tumble is half the fun), as kids learn the logic behind the physics of balance. Lastly, test your concentration and show off your creativity by creating balanced structures that include all 18 blocks!

This open-ended toy that sharpens and builds cognitive and motor skills makes a great birthday gift for children ages three and up, or use as an educational toy in a classroom or homeschool. No two blocks are the same.