Arygle Toys. What Made You Do That...

The first time people hear that I've opened a toy store with two of my neighbors they typically get outwardly excited - "Oh that is such great news! How exciting!" This is almost always followed by "what made you do that?" with puzzled look. And honestly - it's a fair question.  What did make me do this? I spent almost 15 years working in digital marketing partnering with some of the biggest conglomerates out there.  I stepped back to focus on my family but after a year of consulting, it was clear that wasn't enough. 

So what's next for a mom of two, during a pandemic, that's has a short break in her resume.  What makes sense for my little family and most importantly, me.  And I hate saying that, but truly Argyle Toys is putting me first.  A mom putting herself first - GASP!

Okay - let's breathe some air back into the room.  My littles and husband are definitely leaders in my life but during the pandemic it became abundantly clear that I can't help them unless I help myself.  My cup needs to be full so I can continue to fill there's with love, guidance, patience and snacks...always snacks.

Enter Amber and Maddy.  These two chicks are inspiring in their own ways. One night over a fire outside in the middle of December (only place to socialize during COVID was outside - even in 24 degrees), the question was posed - why don't we open a toy store in the village. Maddy was ready to jump back into the working world after being an advocate for her twin special-needs boys.  Amber was looking for something fun to supplement her stressful but fulfilling full-time job.  And I was looking.  Looking for something.

And it clicked...

For all of 2020, I was looking for fun and unique ways to entertain my tenacious 3-year old daughter all while going through a challenging pregnancy during a global pandemic.  Toys were everything.  They brought joy and adventure to our small house when it was the only place we could be.  Toys became our outlet and the only thing to buy me time for a shower.  

Maddy, Amber and I decided the time was now.  We needed to bring our backgrounds together and help curate an experience that will create some magic, help parents find great toys and enhance our village.  And so, Argyle Toys was born. It was time to hit the ground running.

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