About Us

When moms get together, anything is possible.


We are Amber, Maddy, and Teresa, the founders of Argyle Toys. As Babylon Village moms, we built Argyle Toys from the idea that a toy store brings a special kind of magic to the town.  With unique backgrounds and children ranging in age and needs, it was paramount that we created a space that features affordable, high quality toys that teach, stimulate and entertain as well as provide access to specialty toys that will grow as our children grow.
During the Pandemic, it became clear that parents, friends and family needed a safe space where they are guaranteed to find something magical for their children.  Something that they won't play with once but will captivate their child during the times where toys are the only thing keeping us sane.  At Argyle Toys, you will be able to find toys based on age range, interest and affordability.  We are dedicated to doing the research into finding the best of the best for your little ones.


Shop online or come see us at 10 Grove Pl. Babylon NY!