Ordering Online

Can I ship my order?

Yes!  Argyle Toys will pack up your toys and ship them nationwide. Annnndddd…if you’re looking to make it a gift, just add a card.  We will message you for what you want written inside.  

How long after I place my order, will it be packed and shipped?

We do our best to get your package within 24 hours but sometimes (when things get crazy) it can take up to 48 hours. Please keep this in mind and select shipping speed at checkout to make sure your package arrives on time.

Is everything you have in-store available online?

Yes…for the most part. You can browse almost all of our collection on our website but there are a few select items that we simply can’t ship due to size or variant options.  If you’re looking for something specific online - let us know!  If we can make it happen, we will.

How come I am not seeing a “local delivery” option at checkout?

Local delivery is only available for areas within 2 miles of the store.  If you’re looking for delivery beyond that, let us know - we will do what we can to accommodate.

Can I add a note or message to the recipient of my shipment?

Sure!  To do so, just add one of our cards and send us an email.  We will happily fill it out for you and include it in the package.

Can I shop and ship while I am in the store?

The most direct way to create a shipment is to order online.  If you do come in-store, speak with the team and see if they can help you make it happen.  We will do our best.

Shopping at the Store

Where can I park by your store?

Street parking is available on Grove Place and Deer Park Avenue.  There is also a municipal lot behind the store. Babylon Village and the Town of Babylon is metered parking until 6pm so make sure to bring your quarters!

How do I know if your store is open?

Posted hours can be found on our site! If we have to close unexpectedly, check out our Facebook or Instagram, we will post it there.

What is your return policy?

Returns are only eligible on unopened items that show no damage to the original packaging.  We ask that all returns are made within 20 days.  We are a small business working hard to provide the best service to the community.  Returns coming in after the 20 days hurt our ability to successfully run the business.  

All returns will be done in the original form of payment (i.e. if you paid cash, you will get cash back).

Returns made with a gift receipt will be put on a gift card. 

Review our refund policy here.

Can I exchange my toy?

Yes.  You can exchange a toy with proof of purchase at Argyle Toys.

I realized my toy was damaged after I opened the box, what should I do?

We ask that if your toy is damaged or missing pieces that you contact the manufacturer directly. Going through the manufacturer is the quickest way to get a response.  If you reach out to us, we can do our best to get the manufacturer but will usually get the same response.

What to Expect

For what ages are your toys most appropriate?

We specialize in toys for children newborn (NB) to 13/14.  We do carry family games as well.  

What kind of toys do you carry?

Our line-up is focused on toys that inspire true play, learning, a sensory experience, family time and more.  You can expect to see wooden toys, STEM experiments and building, sensory items, musical instruments, crafts, kitchen/pretend play, sports and more.  You won’t see a ton of electronics, video games, battery operated toys (unless we really love it).  We make sure you are getting a unique item, a classic, an heirloom style toy or something to catch your child’s attention and keep them engaged.

We pride ourselves on toys that are proven to entertain, are high-quality, unique and a staple in your child’s growth. 

Do you carry character toys?

We do not currently carry any mainstream character items.

Do you sell gift cards/certificates?

You can purchase gift certificates in our store or online.  Online orders can be sent to you directly or straight to the special recipient.

Do you make custom gift baskets?

Yes!  Creating gift baskets is one of our FAVORITE things to do.  They are such a great way to celebrate the special moment.  We will work with you to create something perfect for your little one.