Best Holiday Gifts for 2022 - Volume 1

Top Classic Toys for 2022

There are certain toys that withstand the test of time and make some of the best Hanukkah and Christmas gifts.  These are the toys that will be a part of your child’s memories and playroom for years to come. Knowing this, choosing the right one is paramount and we are here to help.

There are a couple of things that we look for when choosing the classic holiday gifts:

  1. Quality 
  2. Core features 
  3. Proven to inspire play
  4. Company values
  5. Aesthetic (because it's your home - make it nice)
Classic Holiday Gift Guide

More often than not these holiday toys should be purchased early.  This will allow for friends and family to build off of it and make sure you secure one because supply chain is still a hot phrase.  By shopping early, you also get to be selective about which brand, product and style works best for you.  And so let’s take a tour of the best holiday gifts that are your “big gifts” for 2022:

Note we like to arrange things by age.  This is by no means written in stone.  If you think the toy is appropriate for your child who’s older or younger - go for it!  You know the kiddos best!

This post is 1 in on “Best of Holiday Gifts 2022” series.  Recommendations are based on best sellers, research, and category recommendations.  Let us know what you think the best classic holiday gifts are this season.

Classic Holiday Gift Guide

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