Holiday Shopping Guides - 4-7 years Old 

Continuing our series on selecting the perfect holiday gift for the kids, we are headed to the 4-7 year olds.  The challenge here is really finding the right gift to match each personality as they continue to grow into the people they are becoming.  Do you have a girly-girl? An outdoor, busy body? What about a little builder or tinker-tot?  Maybe a future scientist…

Oftentimes we speak with shoppers who are looking for a toy featuring a specific character or something specific to a boy or girl.  Rather than starting there, we like to dig into their specific interests.  For example, if they like mickey - they will like anything with him on it but they will probably pass it up for something they actually like playing with very quickly.  Once you identify the personality you’re shopping for, it is easy to apply the perfect style.  

Rather than focus on gender or one specific age, I am going to break this holiday shopping guide into categories based on a child's interest and personality. Within each category you’ll find toys that range in price and are age appropriate for 4-7 year old children.

Let’s start with the outdoor adventurer.  These are the children that love to play actively, be outside whenever they can and really thrive when they are on the move.

  1. Swurfer: This is a unique gift because it combines the love for skateboarding,
    surfing and swinging into one master toy.  The Swurfer comes with 60 ft of rope and can be hung from a tree or swing set.  There are stands that can also be purchased by the brand if you don’t have an appropriate tree or swing.
  2. Castakit: This New York based company combines the classic toy kite with the familiar and fun fishing pole.  Coming in a variety of colors, it is great for kids of all ages because of the easy to use casting features and reel.  
  3. Scooter: The Micro Maxi Deluxe scooter is perfect for kids 5-12 and comes in colors for every personality.  To add some extra flare, these scooters have light up wheels that make it easy to spot when safely riding the evening.  Light and compact, it is the perfect toy for some fun as well as for packing and carrying.
  4. Airo Rocket: Combine the fun of shooting off a rocket with the excitement of seeing how high you can throw something and you have the Airo Rocket.  This affordable toy comes in four different colors and enables your little one to easily shoot the rocket up to 150 ft in the air! The best part - it has a foam tip nose and blow up design that makes it soft.

Crafters come in all ages, shapes, sizes and colors.  Keeping they kids busy with something they have fun with AND they get to enjoy what they made are some of my favorite toys.  These are some of my favorites across the board!

  1. Pixie Crew All Purpose Bags in Blue or Purple: These are perfect pouches
    for holding pencils, trinkets and more.  Each pouch comes with a series of tiles that can be interchanged to create different designs on the front.  These are great for fine motor skills as well as an activity kids can do over and over again.
  2. Headband Maker: This one is for all of the fashionistas out there that love to craft their own look.  The kit comes with all you need to create 19 different looks. Little ones of all ages can create fun or sophisticated looks based on their personal preference.
  3. Chunkies Paint Sticks: To know these is to love them.  Going on like lipstick, these paint sticks dry almost immediately and prevent the mess that usually accompanies paint pens.  We have them in small and large sizes and I CANNOT recommend them more.  They are perfect for any level of artist and are an affordable way to create a great gift.
  4. Paint Your Own Squishies: These have been a hit across ages and genders.  With silly designs, a slow rising squishy feel and all of the supplies to customize, these are great for anyone on your list.  They come in individual packs like dinosaurs and sloths as well as the gift pack that features 3-4 giant squishies. 

Future scientists are always looking for new ways to keep busy, learn and most of all have fun.  There are a variety of options whether they are scratching the surface or are elbows deep in experiments.  I personally love this section because it allows children to learn while having fun.

  1. Volcano Kit - this is a classic. This kit allows you to build and decorate your very own volcano all while setting it up for the big explosion!  This is a great activity to do with smaller children or to set up for the older kids.
  2. Dino Eggs - FAN FAVORITE! We have two versions of these dinosaur eggs that allow little archaeologists to dig for 12 different dinosaurs.  In addition to digging, this kit comes with cards filled with information on each dinosaur so kids can get messy and learn at the same time.
  3. Glowing Putty, Gel and Slime Kit - Just when you think putty and smile can’t get any cooler - this kit takes it to the next level by making it GLOW. With all of the directions and ingredients needed, this kit is perfect for budding 
    scientists everywhere.
  4. STEAM School - I love nothing more than a kit that includes multiple
    activities that maintain interest.  The STEAM (science, technology, engineering and math) kits include multiple activities geared towards children 4-10.  With multiple themes, you can choose the theme that best suits your scientists’ interest.

The pretend play masters can build their own world on their own but love to have the toys to help bring their world to life.  All of these options add to your child’s imagination giving them the ability to build on their already impressive play.

  1. Kitchen Set - Choosing a kitchen that works in your space can be a daunting
    Plan Toys Kitchen Set
    task.  You want something that will grow with your children, take up a manageable amount of space and doesn’t overpower your room.  This wooden kitchen set is a great way to introduce a modern, sophisticated kitchen that is Montessori-friendly.  It can easily be built on by adding more elements but is a great core starting place as your little ones build their imagination.
  2. Engineer Set - This compact set is great because everything has a place to live all while having the key elements to creating a great time pretending to build the smallest and largest items.  A top seller in our store - these go fast but rightfully so.
  3. Pretend Play School, Veterinarian, Diner - There is nothing better than little ones having the opportunity to build their pretend environment.  These kits come with all of the elements needed to build their School, Diner or Veterinarian and they won’t break the bank.  
  4. Way To Play Road System + Cars - Building their own town means having awesome roads where their cars can zoom through.  The WayToPlay flexible road system is an investment and well worth it.  These kits are durable, flexible and waterproof making them the perfect choice for even the roughest of players.  They have plenty of options to customize and can go basically anywhere.

The builder and architects are the kids that love to tinker.  They see a box and want to turn it into a building.  All of these toys are designed to inspire building as well as invite them to create something they’ll love to play with after all is said and done.

  1. Stanley Jr. Building Kits (especially the bird house) - builders ages 5+ have their pick of awesome kits ready for them to construct from the ground up.  Looking to build a mini-bus, what about a propeller air-plane or even the classic birdhouse?  These kits come with everything (but the tools) including the paint to build and then customize their awesome creation. The best part is that these start at $9.99 and climb from there - trust me these won’t break the bank! 
  2. Make A Catapult - Created for the older kids, this kit is absolutely
    AWESOME.This kit comes with everything you’d need to build and then play with a catapult!  We have seen younger kids get into this as well, just expect to have a heavy hand in helping build.
  3. Real Tool Set - Building like dad and mom is a right of passage for many children. Stanley Jr. came up with a great entry point for any budding builder - this REAL tool set designed for little hands.  This is a great step up from the pretend play tool sets and makes for a fun and useful gift!
  4. Eco Bricks - The only thing better than interlocking bricks are interlocking bricks that can be designed by you!  This set of eco-friendly bricks can be left all natural OR you can paint or color them the way you see fit.  Children ages 4 and up are a perfect fit for these smaller blocks designed for fun.

What interests are you buying for this year?

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