How to Support Small Businesses During the 2022 Holiday Season

Supporting small doesn’t always mean spending millions in stores - although we’d absolutely love that - check out our lineup if you’re thinking about it ;). As we approach the holiday season, let’s open up the discussion around what YOU can do to help small businesses run by your neighbors, friends, family, PTA members, old coworkers…the list goes on and on. 

Helping small businesses THRIVE this holiday season without pulling out your wallet isn't as hard as you think:

Support Small Business
  • Leave a review on Google or Facebook - If you’ve shopped with any small business, head to their listing on Google or Facebook and then let people know about your experience.  Letting other shoppers know what you've purchased, what the store is like, what you liked about the staff - whatever you think another shopper would want to know.  This information helps boost the business listing in search as well as the team’s ego :)
  • Tell (or better yet), BRING a Friend - Just because you aren’t ready to spend in-store, letting others know about small businesses is what keeps the business going. Your friend’s don’t have to be local either.  Most small businesses also offer online options.  Send the website, share on your social media, choose a product you love and send that page.  There are limitless ways to make sure that your favorite small business is loved by the people in your life.
  • Follow the store on Social - Your follow does a few things - 1) exposes you to the latest and greatest from the store, 2) Boosts their ranking in search and trends. Since so much of shopping is based on videos and images, social pages are crucial for new customers to find the store.  Even better - if you’ve shopped, take a video or image of your experience.  Post it and tag the store.  
  • Spend a little more - it’s okay - A common perspective is “shopping small means spending a little more” and for the most part that can be true.  FACT - Big box retailers and Amazon will ALWAYS get a better deal from the brand because they are buying thousands of units.  A small business pays more to get the product in house and therefore they have to charge a little more to cover the cost they are paying. That said, With that cost comes value - you get to see and touch what you’re purchasing. You get personalized help from the staff that knows the products in and out.  You get exactly what you need and no more (I still don’t know how a Target trip for garbage bags turns into hundreds of dollars but that is a story for another day).

These are just a few things you can do to help the little guys continue to create a magical experience for shoppers.  How do you support your favorite small businesses?

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