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  • Nurturing Growth: The Vital Role of Toys in Sensory Development

    In the bustling landscape of childhood, where curiosity reigns supreme and every experience is a stepping stone to understanding the world, toys play a pivotal role.  Sensory development encompasses the process of taking in, interpreting, and responding to sensory information from the environment. This multifaceted journey involves the integration of sensory inputs such as sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. During the formative years of early childhood, this integration is especially crucial as it shapes fundamental skills including motor coordination, social interaction, and cognitive processing.
  • Creating Your Own Sensory Bins

    Sensory bins are a fantastic tool for children to explore and develop their senses. Sensory play engages children in a fun and interactive way, allowing them to learn and explore at their own pace. Sensory bins can be purchased from toy stores, but creating your own and using your own tools can be a fun and affordable way to provide your child with hours of sensory play. Here are some tips on how to create your own sensory bins.
  • Best Holiday Gifts for 2022 - Volume 1

    Top Classic Toys for 2022 There are certain toys that withstand the test of time and make some of the best Hanukkah and Christmas gifts.  These are...
  • I Don’t Like to Play

    “I want my kids to have fun, but I don’t like to play.”

    This is something we hear often from the parents that are stretched too far, don’t have time, are juggling work and quarantined kids and so much more.  This puts parents and gift givers in a bit of a predicament.  What do you choose to keep a smile on your kiddos face but also maintain your sanity?

  • Importance Of Sensory Play

    Sensory has become the new hot word in the parenting world, but why and what is it?  You will see parenting blogs and toy companies tout the importance of Sensory play while showing you that latest toy in the space - but what is all of the hubbub about.